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WoW ! Man bun hipster Style

How to tie a guy bun?

Male bun hairstyles are lovely and comfortable as they do not require unique attention. Despite this hairstyle’s extravagant and expressive look, complex styling and frequent corrections are not needed.

Hipster guy look: Man bun, Ponytail, Top Knot

Well, to be honest, nothing distinguishes hipsters from other subcultures more than clothes and hairstyles. Agree? For instance, a man bun, a top knot, and a male ponytail have become a calling a card for a typical hipster man look. Moreover, the man bun is widely spread among men of all ages as you can tell from the pics above. Why? It’s incredibly comfortable for guys with long hair. Yeah, it’s simple as that.

All you need for this hairstyle is to buzz the sides and back of the head (you can go for an undercut if you want) and to grow the hair on the top as long as you want for tying the bun. As for hipster ponytails and top knots – it’s pretty much the same thing. All you need to get such trendy indie hairstyles is your creativity.

Hipster man bun and beard”

If you’re a happy long-hair owner, don’t miss the opportunity to put your hair in a bun. The hottest trend of the season is a hipster man bun and a dense beard and a mixture of courageous and confident boys. It will become your lifestyle, a part of your character, and a win – win choice for any occasion as quickly as you attempt on this violent picture.

Meet trendy hipster pictures with a disheveled beard and an undercut top knot–they work well together, making the look completely different!

Hipster Mullet Haircut

What we like most about hipsters is that they can make even the most common hairstyle out of this globe like a mullet. We can’t claim these are the finest mullets, but they’re certainly worth your attention because you’re interested in hairstyle like this. Whether you choose a sharp hairline or a bushy beard doesn’t matter, one thing is certain–mullet will make any of your choices better.

You can also slick back on the walls your lengthy hair so it looks like a mullet.

Hot Male Hipster Hairstyles

In addition, it mixes perfectly with most hipster haircuts. To demonstrate that we tell the truth, take a look at the above pictures of hot hipster males.

For instance, the second picture shows a classic hipster cut–slick back hair and lengthy wispy ‘ stache… though a hipster can turn it into any other casual road style.

Next one demonstrates the famous hairstyle of the rockabilly wave, common back in the 1950s. This hipster haircut will definitely attract some attention together with low skin fade, natural splitting and a beautiful waxed moustache.

You may want to combine a few unique characteristics of the hipster at once, such as low fade into a V cut on the back, choppy, textured and packed with a lengthy braid on top. The moustache of the beard and handlebar is just icing on the cake.

How can a Top Knot be done?

Hard line men’s haircut

Hard line haircuts are versatile, as you may have noticed. It’s not just about contrasting cuts— so even if you prefer minimalist classic style, they can be a great option. We’re talking about a hard part of short haircuts here— they’re simple and classy, and we’re sure you just need to look at them. The photos are here already!

Hard section

Probably the most stylish thing you could ever do with your hair is the combination of fade sides and hard section. Well, it’s certainly in the top-4 list, even if it’s not the most stylish blend.

Would you like to look more dramatic? Then it’s all about the comparison: with faded sides, the longer top looks beautiful and a shaved line just adds contrast to this sharp style. If you choose to top longer, you can also readily create a chaotic hairstyle. Looking for a cleaner and more polished thing? Then a short classic top, as well as a comb over, will work great for you. Basically, the thing that can breathe life into the old, classic cuts is a hard part— and comb over is the perfect example of such transformation. When combined with a fade with a hard part, they look extremely smart and modern.

Also a very versatile combination is the Fade+hard component. Most of these reductions are completely balanced, meaning you can go to your morning job and then visit an evening bar without any issues — they’re fantastic for both of you. They’re balanced, and if you need it, you can readily move that equilibrium to a chaotic side. That’s why we’re loving them.

High and tight Buzz Cut Ideas

Hairstyles with faded sides and lengthy tops are common among children and youth as well as elderly men. The reasons for such popularity are evident: these hairstyles are simple to keep, they can be styled in a wide variety of ways, they fit distinct forms of the face, and they’re just fantastic! If you think such hairstyles are mainstream, don’t jump to conclusions–there are many cool versions of short and medium haircuts to help you express your personality and uniqueness. Check out our brief sided collection on top hairstyles and choose the one you like the most!

High and tight is the usual military cut produced from a single strip on top of the head with sides and back buzzing short. There’s nothing hard to do, just create the top strip in the middle should be cautious.

The main strip can also be extended back to the throat, do not forget to experiment with its form and layout.

The classic faded buzz cut with little small pomp is the best way to begin changing his style for a conservative man.

High and tight comb over

Today’s men’s style is full of diversity from clothing to fashionable hairstyles. Looking for a fresh look for your trendy look? High and tight haircuts comb is a great choice for guys who don’t like very short hair. Yes, you’ll need to put your hair in such a hairdo correctly, but trust us, it’s worth it. The elevated and tight pew over hairstyles look stylish and elegant–certainly they’ll let you stand out from the crowd! Such haircuts are a good way to express yourself, so take a look at the photos and try them!

High And Tight With Hair Long On Top

‘ Usually classic high and tight haircuts indicate brief hair on top, but contemporary fashion sets its own guidelines–that is, no rules at all! Men’s hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity with lengthy top hair. The high and tight hairstyles appear very stylish and eye-catching with lengthy hair on top. See the pictures and see for yourself!

The excellent news is that such a haircut is appropriate for all kinds of facial and hair texture owners. All you need to do is choose a styling choice that best fits your personal appearance–and with this we will assist you!

High guy bun hairstyles

This hairstyle looks smooth and very uncommon at the same moment, which provides a guy the chance to demonstrate his individuality. The guy bun hairstyles can also assist visually correct certain facial characteristics, such as adding firmness to the chin or lengthening the face.

Dyed hair spikes

One more reason why the stylish mess on the head is like spikes! You don’t have to brush more neatly! You need only a few waxes, fingers and five minutes of your time! Go through your hair with your fingers and make it messy and fashionable!

Highlighted Thin Hair Spikes

The next thin haircut looks fantastic. Those who want some quantity in the crown region will fit perfectly in this hairstyle. It looks stylish, adding volume to the hair, and such layering does not involve any effort

Men’s ideas

You can also visually adjust the face shape a little, giving it more expressiveness and masculinity. You should make sure your hair length exceeds 6 inches, however, to create a knot. This is the minimum mark you can create a beautiful top knot. If the length is shorter, there is a danger of acquiring a miserable brief ponytail that will not be able to emphasize individuality, but will look like an ineffective effort to get a fresh haircut too soon. Remember these phrases and you’re never going to ask yourself a question about how to tie a knot together and how to look nice.

How to Slick Back Hair

If you’re in love with slicked-back hairstyles but have no clue how to style it, this guide is for you: after you’ve washed your hair, towel-dry it so it’s not too moist but smooth enough to make it look stylish.

Combine your hair back to find out all the possible defects that may be noticeable after you slick your hair and select the choice that looks perfect.

Take some hair pomade (the correct quantity you’ll understand after practicing a few times for your hair type) and spread it with your fingertips over your head, moving up and down. You can choose the pomade not only because of the texture of your hair, but also depending on the consequence you want (water and oil-based shine pomades, matte impact clay pomades).

Pull the comb back through your hair and sleeve it with a different hand. Continue to do this until you get the look you want.

Enjoy your irresistible appearance!



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