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Easy to Style Medium and Long Hair

Undercut Quiff

There’s something vintage, warm and courageous about a pompadour, so the outcome is incredible when you’re working with the classic Quiff.

Modern stylists are becoming more and more creative and coming up with fresh thoughts on how to create even better classic hairstyles than they are. Quiffs separated with the assistance of the line from the fade sides are precisely what we intended.

As a tight shaved line, such a tiny component makes the lengthy top hair so impressive and mod. It seems as if the line generates a boundary between the neatness of smaller hairstyle parts and the small chaos of quiff hair.

Double difficult haircut portion

Then we have a two-for-one special offer for you!

Most likely, such haircuts won’t work well as official cuts, but that’s certainly not what you’re expecting from them, right? They’re incredibly cool, they’re one of the finest cuts a young kid or man can make. Seriously, these haircuts are ideal for young and stylish people— just take a look at the above pictures and you’ll get them!


Easy Medium Length Messy Hairstyles For Guys

‘ Medium-length chaotic hairstyles will add a little spontaneity as well as softening coarse facial characteristics and more importantly–they always look trendy and stylish! That makes hairstyles like that the ideal choice for fashionable men.

The simplest choice for styling is the hair that combed back carelessly. This hair setting only requires a few minutes and looks beautiful–see for yourself! The shaggy and chaotic hairstyle for any occasion is a excellent option.

“Iconic” is certainly the correct term when it comes to taper fade haircuts. Taper fade haircuts (also known as fade cuts) are ideal for males who like comparatively short hair but want a little more hair to create some decoration at the top. There are basically hundreds of distinct taper fade hairstyles— but on the sides blends the one “must have” part of this hairstyle. It may be rather brief in up-to-date tapered cuts (like in normal buzz fade), but it is a bit longer in more classic alternatives.

One of the best things about the fade reductions of the taper is that they function perfectly for all hair texture. Whether you’re having straight hair or natural curls, you’ll still discover dozens of interesting kinds of fades that match your hair texture and face shape— and we’ll be happy to assist you with that. We’ve gathered quite a few amazing faded hairdos here for all hair textures — so basically, all you need to do now is look at the images and make your decision. These fresh, trendy, modern and really hot hairstyles are definitely worth your attention— so just don’t wait and check them out!

Easy to Style Medium Hair Cuts for Men

As stated above, males are often in a hurry. Well, we think everybody’s in a hurry nowadays, how can you do it all in time and rest after a hard-working day? And look nice and appealing all that time, as it is very essential if your job requires the correct dress code, which involves the correct haircut styled.

Many people prefer cutting their hair to the center length because it provides more liberty of styling. The time required by this

There’s something unique about lengthy hairstyles of pompadour. We’ve already stated that the brief haircut is more classy and less eye-catching, but for many reasons, many people choose lengthy pomp. First, it’s really stylish, particularly when combined with elegant clothing, shoes, and accessories. Second, loose pompadour supporters notice this is a versatile hairstyle that depending on your mood and occasion can be elegant or chaotic. Third, maintaining it is truly versatile and simple. No disadvantages, only advantages!

Dreadlocks Ponytail Hairstyle For Guys

Another styling option for your dreadlocks is a ponytail attached to either the top or the bottom of the head. Both variants are quite comfortable to wear and, let’s be honest, when it comes to men’s hairstyles, convenience isn’t the last thing. Nevertheless, contrary to normal ponytails, which also look extremely sexy on males, those made of dreads are even hotter. Agree?

Extremely Long and Wavy

Long “cascaded” curls–undoubtedly a ideal concept requiring some hairdresser abilities. Who wouldn’t agree it’s more than dramatic this haircut? I don’t believe anybody!


Check out these incredibly lengthy spikes! Getting such hairstyle isn’t that simple, but nothing is impossible! There’s a place where there’s a will!

Extremely Short Military Haircut

Extremely Short Military Haircut

And now you think, “What about brief masculine haircuts is so unique? Just bring a hair trimmer and shorten your hair–not a large deal. But don’t hurry to findings. There are a couple of brief marine haircuts variants. The flat top hairstyle is not just the elevated and imposing buildings that attract so much attention from people. It can be both brief and precise for as long as military regulations allow it.

Another brief army hairstyle with an ideally straight fringe and faded nape and temples is packed with the tight moustache and beard.

As for the last, it demonstrates that it can be stylish even an incredibly brief haircut.

Eye-catching Long on Top Short on Sides Fade Haircut

Start with a substantial comparison: highly short and high skin fade and very long hair on top, which is carefully sleeved back without losing the quantity. This elegant cut has many styling possibilities, which is why today it is the most famous haircut in the globe.

Famous Men Crew Cut

Usually such kids love to train and do any physical activity. You may see a lot of celebrities with a hairstyle cut by the crew, and those individuals have pretty good body shapes and generally have behind them the sports career. For example, with his crew cut that became his calling card, David Beckham, being one of the most famous football players, hits the trends. Why are we not following his steps and inheriting from him some fashion tips? It would begin your stylish life to get a crew cut.

Faux Hawk Taper Styles

‘ Faux hawk taper hairstyles operate very well with brief and medium hair. Also, tapered sides are perfect for those who want a fohawk but don’t want the sides to buzz. Taper adds dynamics and makes a very stylish fohawk — this combination looks really good. Are you going to attempt it?

Flattop & Boogie Crossover

This picture is very hipster-like, not just because of a moustache handlebar and strong beard. One of the most important characteristics of hipsters is also the diffusion of styles (like the flattop and boogie styles in this one).

Long hair floppy spikes

This hairstyle is especially original since not all people prefer lengthy haircuts. It suits wide-faced people, a haircut like this will help you pull out your face. On the dense hair, it’ll look nice!

A receding hairline may turn into a catchy element of an uncomfortable daedal layout. The most significant thing you have to understand about it is that it’s a distinctive characteristic, your own thing, not your disadvantage.

Full man bun with lengthy hair

Full man bun is a classic hairstyle version that collects lengthy strands in a huge knot at the top. All hair without shaved temples should be produced of this hairstyle alternative. On the manner to such hairstyle, the greatest issue you can encounter is the hair length. Not only is this one about 6-7 inches on top; you need to grow nearly all hair quite long here. Keep in mind that here everything ought to be natural: messy bun, natural moustache, careless goat. The majority of the hair can be paired with a complete beard. Such a stylistic tandem produces a masculine picture that is brutal and expressive.

Good haircuts for dense hair children

Looking for an elegant, classy and easy-to-style haircut? Then you got to the correct location because we’ve got dozens of haircuts like that here. There are the cuts in this paragraph that will suit all thick haired guys and boys, with no exceptions— so don’t wait and look at them right now!

Good haircuts for older men
‘ Aging and baldness are not the factors to lose enthusiasm and optimism. Don’t worry about being funny–it’s suitable for individuals of all ages. Rock something pompous and amazing just for fun on your head! No issue if you like classics anymore! You don’t have to wear a bun or a ponytail that is quite uncommon for your era, there are a broad range of classy choices that also look great. You don’t have to dye it black or any other color if your hair is gray. This color is considered totally gorgeous by many females and acknowledged beauty specialists! Just look at those males who are not looking for something exceptional, but choose the brief hairstyle that is never out of fashion!

Good Looking African American Men Hairstyles

The supporters take in seconds the good picture shown on the screen, and this is an normal practice. There’s even a profession called “trendsetter”–it’s an iconic individual whose taste is outstanding and individuals are likely to follow. There are a lot of African American celebrities from which you can take the information of the style–we have several instances above that can offer you an inspo!

Greaser Hairstyle with Zigzag Parting

Traditionally, the side of this greaser hairstyle is not straight, it is zigzag. The hair is combed back and forth to the sides, while the small smooth fade complements the entire picture, making it more up-to-date.

Greaser Style…”

… and again classics. This one is so appealing and sexy update, which is also very convenient, simple in daily care and needs no waiting until your hair is long enough to rock it.

Great Boy Buzz Cut Hairstyles With Line

Sometimes just a tiny shaved line is enough to produce something completely distinct with your hair, which is why it’s magic. The point is to create it tasteful and tidy.

The long line that divides the head into two faded hair length parts is awesome, don’t you believe so?

You can also wind your line to free structure with sharp edges. We can offer you another great idea of buzzing your hair with a row and decorating the hairstyle. Draw through the sides and back your figurative line.

Great examples of men’s Asian fade haircut

Without a doubt, the Mohawk is the hairstyle that will attract people around you! The Mohawk’s best thing–it’s simple to do it! Shave your head sides and leave your hair on top of the head. Then take the hair gel and make your fancy play free!

This hairstyle is pretty common at first blush, but if you look closely, you will notice a nice side-swept

A new trend in men’s hairstyles is a shift in mid-length hair cutting direction. The hair is split into two parts; one of them is forward-styled while the other is swept back. A beautiful pattern and smooth fade finishes the hairstyle.

You need a lot of styling product and a bit of patience to achieve this shiny silky effect. Some fading will definitely enhance the picture, bringing passion and irresistibility notes.

Great masculine haircut concepts with lineup

We all enjoy lineups because it is one of those styles that helps to frame your face and accentuate your facial characteristics. Therefore, if you have a square face (or the shape of a diamond face), we strongly recommend talking to your barber about an edge up. The geometric styles operate perfectly with such kinds of face form, like a line-up. Check the pictures with your own eyes and see them!

Guys with bleach blonde hair color

Guys with bleach blonde hair color are very trendy, and this trend has been made by many great celebrities from Ryan Gosling to Lionel Messi. Of course, people couldn’t overlook it, and we started to see more and more bleach blonde hair men on the roads, on the runways, red carpets, social networks, i.e., everywhere literally. Is there any reason for the popularity of this color? Even more crucial is a question. Men should or should not follow this trend? As far as we are concerned, the right answer is “yes,” but the entire coloring process won’t be easy. Yellow color is a taboo today (thank you heaven!). So guys and their barbers should put a lot of effort into reaching the desired white shade that looks fresh and sophisticated, certainly not cheap and eye-catching in the wrong way. The operation is going to be long and hard. First, the barber will color your hair to the lightest possible color, then add more sensitive shades, and then add 100 more tones. Overall, it requires 4 to 5 hours to color. Is the effort worth it? It’s your responsibility. Men and blonde hair dye are, in our view, a perfect combination.

Since the 1950s, sliced back hair has been a classic legacy. It’s the perfect hairstyle for festive and formal occasions, but certainly not for the weekend gym or barbecue. Not every hair texture can be sliced back in the right way; the best for this purpose is high fade, undercut, fine and medium hair. The one should remember that this hairstyle is all about clean lines, so keeping it fresh and neatly-shaven is highly essential. Gelled back hair is generally a ideal choice for all males who want to look stylish and elegant, so if that’s what you’re looking for, check out our collection to find your ideal version!

Half man bun hairstyle

‘Meet another cool top knot hairstyle choice –half man bun. Half-bun hairdo’s key feature is that only the top part of the hair is tied into a bun while the rest is loose. This hairstyle is good for both long and medium hair. By the manner, when you’re just starting to develop your locks, you can wear a half man bun as it’s simpler to create and wear with short hair than a complete bun.

All you need to do is divide the hair horizontally and fasten its top portion to get the half guy bun hairstyle. A few movements–and with a stylish hairdo you get a relaxed and casual look! Look at the pictures and be inspired by a new hairstyle of cure.

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