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56 Cool Hairstyles for Men

Best Top Knot Men Styles to Try

According to historical sources, the masculine top knot was known in ancient China in 200 BC: this is testified by the discovered carvings of the “Terracotta Army.” Until the end of the Ming dynasty (1644 AD), men wore comparable hairstyles. After Northerners-Manchus conquered China, the Han Chinese were forced to wear thin braids during the Qing dynasty.

Moreover, in the 16th century, this trend went to Japan and became the traditional hairstyle of samurai warriors and sumo wrestlers. In Hindu mythology, the top knot can also be discovered–the god Shiva is portrayed with such hairstyle. To this day, his “agora” adherents are wearing bundles reminiscent of the top knots.

Trendy Top Knot Fade Haircut for Men

Despite the simplicity of top knot haircut differences, it provides a broad room for creativity to hairdressers and fashionistas. You can decide on your own which hair length on the temples you want, and it doesn’t have to be too brief or trimmed. The height and sharpness of the transition from temples up to the top can be varied. Modern dendies also generate the exciting methods to fix the hair, making it an exquisitely braided bun, for instance.

Thick hair curls

Naturally dense, wavy hair–most boys ‘ dream. And the one with such hair should heed this haircut. It completely accentuates the hair quantity and thickness, and the grading will assist the hairstyle structure!

Occipital Haircut with Spikes and Bang

This hairstyle has been common for a long time. The classic haircut is already referred to. In an impertinent style, the layering is produced. It also suits romantic natures, however.

Haircut with Spikes

This haircut selects those people who want to look elegant and stylish. The layering is done in the negligence style, which is the conservative reverse. It’s one of today’s most famous styles! This type of hairstyle will highlight the

Long Spikes on the Crown

autonomy and self-confidence. It is the best choice for males with lengthy hair on the occipital region. You understand what spikes you need, yeah? It will generate the mess impression on the head and is appropriate for creative people. Such hairstyle will highlight its owner’s bright character.

Natural Dreads onthe Medium Length Hair

Natural dreadlocks fit people with African-American hair types who don’t want to spend much time on styling but want lengthy hair! The dreads don’t need unique care, you just need to wash them once a week and that’s going to be enough. Dreadlocks look very original and it’s not only a hairstyle, of course–it’s a lifestyle!

Long Dark Hair Spikes

This hairstyle will suit people with a thin, dense or medium hair. With the black hair, it looks fantastic! This hairstyle suits for ceremonial activities as well as for daily life with an suitable layering.

Long hair spikes

The following hairstyle suits long hair enthusiasts! To wear such hairstyle, you need to be a hardworking individual! But if you’re going to stick your finger out, you’re going to be the most stylish person in your region and you’re definitely going to stand out!

Undercut with Long, Laid-Back Waves

A well-designed, stylish haircut–the promise of contemporary and successful males. The hairstyle with rasped temples and back of the head will assist you emphasize the crown’s hair length and quantity. Here the wavy hair is suitable because this haircut will be more original!

Styling products like gel is very essential, but when it comes to haircuts, too much is always a poor thing. You’re not searching for fat and wet hair, right?


Many people who would like to have a pompadour have reasonable doubts about styling. It may seem like styling such a hairstyle every morning is really hard, but it’s not as complex as it sounds. Of course, a person with pompadour will need a fundamental collection of hair products, especially a top-quality hair pomade will be needed, but the outcome is worth the effort. You’ll have to wash your hair more often, but the whole styling process isn’t hard at all: all you have to do is dry your hair, use a little pomade by smoothing it through the hair until you get the necessary shape.

We would like to present the pompadour hairstyle with a lonely curl on top to those who only dream of cool curls and waves on their heads. There’s nothing hard to solve it with a curling iron in the morning, but you’ll have the irresistible look until the end of the day.

Top male haircuts with

Quiifs, pompadour haircuts, undercut hairstyles, buzz cuts, classic cuts— all operate excellent with a thin shaved line. Damn, with a difficult portion even guy bun hairstyles get better!

But we’re not just going to list them all here, of course. Instead, with difficult portion, we produced a brieftop-4 list of the top masculine cuts — you can see the above photos. We have performed our utmost and decided to concentrate on the recent trends, which implies that here there will be no obsolete cuts— only contemporary, new and really stylish ones. Check out the pictures, choose your favorite one, demonstrate it to your hairdresser and voila — fulfill your fresh style!

Men’s fashion is a little less colourful than women’s fashion, but it is still advanced and exciting. Well, this is likely a gender issue, and everyone can and should wear all he / she likes, but we’re here to speak about hairstyles.

Men currently love mid-length haircuts. Those who are aware of their variety can impress any passer-by and do this on a daily basis, as there are so many ways to style such cuts! Yes, it takes time, and much more than the shorter hair needs, but… it looks so incredible that even people who are always in a hurry to go to job, a gym, a walk, a date, pay attention to their perspectives. Well, the world of today wants to see us not only intelligent, but also beautiful, and the mid-cuts help this job for men.

Top Messy Hairstyles For Men Of Any Age’

‘ Top knot is the hairstyle that can create men’s dreams of a new, comfortable and appealing picture. Appeared centuries ago, this masculine cut.

The top knot of contemporary men has been reborn and become a real trend. The classic man bun haircut became the prototype of the top knot; in the past centuries the bun was popular and looked like a regular ponytail or a little bun on the top of the head. Later, in Japan, among the samurai, a new version of the bun with shaved heads emerged. The hairstyle popularity among those warriors was explained by its wearing comfort and extraordinary fine aesthetics.

The reason why modern interest in this hairstyle is still the same–practicality and appeal. A hairstyle with bald temples and the fantastically styled top can, of course, make a person go through quite unpleasant measures, like first wearing too brief cut to create a ponytail and then cutting too long to create a bun. Though, the only thing a guy who wishes to get a top knot should understand is just patience. We wish you this only because you’re going to get the other two significant information here: the final choice to get this haircut and a lot of inspiration from our amazing top knots gallery.

Top trendy Asian men’s hairstyles

The top-knot combines beauty, elegance and simplicity perfectly. This haircut has the advantage that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on styling. A few motions are ready and your perfect hairstyle.

The asymmetric and elongated fringe haircut suits all Asian males. The hairstyle is a excellent choice in their twenties for young girls or men. The hair’s smooth ashy color will refresh the picture completely and add brightness to your private style!

Speaking of Asian male hairstyles, one of Asia’s most popular singers–PSY! He wears simple and not noticeable haircut despite being a superstar. But it doesn’t stop the popularity of him, isn’t it?

The colors of pink and purple hair are no longer just for Barbies! The purple-pink hair is placed in a slightly messy man bun while the natural sides are buzzed with cool figures and decorated.

Why are the ancient people ashamed of their gray hair while the young people deliberately try to achieve that impact? This trend tends to grow and spread among different haircuts, so maybe creating something rocky on your head is a high time for you?

Top Knot Ideas for A Man with Long Hair

The top knot hairstyle enables you to show other people your unique taste without damaging your masculinity. Do you feel an exceptional individual with a top-knot? Well, you’re okay. If you see a man wearing a man bun, a top knot or a half top knot on his head, it becomes clear that he is a bright and extraordinary person, ready to go against the boring standards of the moment.

Traditional Side Part

It’s also a cool choice because you can style your crown to cover one of your problem fields while masking the other side as in the past undercut.

All the forms of the face, all the colours of the hair, all the personality characteristics get better if highlighted by a trending hairstyle of medium length. Such cuts are reminiscent of bohemian times and parties, of Victorian times when people either wore wigs or attached them in horse-tails. Now the male haircuts of medium length look distinct from those good ancient hairstyles, but they still give to the globe the same romantic and adventurous message. If you’ve got a delicate heart and you’re bugged every day by a romantic nature–attempt getting a medium cut that will best convey your nature!


Cut crew types and lengths

“Cut crew is a practical, comfortable and meaningful hairstyle ideal for day-to-day operations. In styling, it’s easy. It is also very versatile and appropriate for all kinds of males: courageous, open-minded, confident, reserved, etc. There are several crew cut kinds and you can choose from them.

1) Short cutting of the crew. This is a classic hairstyle version, representing a nearly bald skull. The hair is so brief it’s barely seen, but there it’s still.

2) Cutting the long crew. It is also called crew cutting Ivy League because it was mostly worn by Ivy League university players. The hair cut could reach 1,5 inches according to the guidelines of this hairstyle.

3) Cutting the top of the crew flat. Such a hairstyle is generally associated with the military forces as the hair, which is longer at the top of the head and shorter at the temples, reminds the cut of the butch.

We’ve got a large list of all the kinds of cut crew listed and more! Go and see it!

Undercut and Spikes on the mid-thickness hair

The bright characteristic of this hairstyle is the simple layering that adds volume to the hair. The spikes are giving your style sauce and violence. It’s really the haircut for the middle hair, it’s going to produce a distinctive style and picture.

The mixture of undercut and false hawk will work perfectly for all kids— inspect the above pictures and see them with your own eyes. He deserves the finest haircut, we’re sure!

Although the classic style is a versatile and continuously popular option for males in both clothing and hairstyles, contemporary developments are as nice as the classic style. Many people erroneously believe that allled hair means “I just woke up” and look not well-groomed, but messy hairstyles are a excellent option to traditional neat hairstyles. There are about three things messy and dishevelled haircuts for boys–being fast, simple and stylish.

There are almost infinite fashionable and functional benefits of chaotic hair. A modern man is determined by practicality and adaptability–and with the help of messy hairstyles both of these features can be expressed. Why are they that nice? Let’s figure that out.

Male chaotic hairstyles can be made and maintained extremely easily. That’s the biggest benefit. Guys with chaotic hair may feel comfortable and free. That’s why being a guy is cool–you can get out of bed, look great and don’t waste much time on hair styling! The universality of this style lies in the reality that effortless hair from intelligent dresses to casual styles can be ideally coupled with any clothing style.

The casual style has tried to achieve popularity for centuries, but conservative crew cuts slowed this kicky trend’s growth. Luckily, chaotic hair is no longer connected with outsiders or various subculture officials. Now chaotic hairstyles are one of men’s fashion’s hottest trends!

Undercut with Massive Beard

Different contemporary twists and updates are feasible in addition to distinct classic styles. This golden-fox-style fiery undercut looks pompous because of a enormous massive beard.

Unusual Asian men’s haircuts

This haircut and styling suits creative Asian men. Unusual hair hue adds to your style originality. You can dye a few strands in bright colors for the image’s brightness.

Modern fashion dictates fresh hairstyle trends! This haircut is one of the varieties. We don’t have normal stripes here, but a large, stylish and creative image with complicated contours. Such a

Are you tired of routine hairstyles and boring hairstyles? If so, attempt this insane haircut spiky! Of course, to style this layering you will need a lot of time and lots of wax or hairspray, but you will look fabulous! Use some hair coloring to highlight your cute spikes to create your style more creative!

Asian male braided hairstyles are becoming increasingly common daily. They now exist as both a free-standing hairstyle and a refreshing portion of different cuts. Here you can see the French braid undercut on the buzzed back part of the head with ornamental

This cut is all about extraordinariness, starting with a spiky flash at the top, ending with an amazing artistic

As you can see, the marvelous

Have fun and beat your hairstyle in bright colors. In this fancy cut for Asian males, black and red spikes go well together.

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