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45+ Long vs Medium haircuts

Long Military Hair Cut

‘ Let’s make it clear that the term’ lengthy’ in conjunction with military haircuts is not the same term’ lengthy’ when it comes to hipster haircuts. For military haircuts, shoulder length hair is not your choice. “Long” implies somewhat longer hair on top of the head in our situation. As in the first image, it can only slick back or to the side.

Buzz cut is so fiery on this Asian man thanks to a tiny, almost invisible cliff for a slightly longer hair with low fade. Plus, you can opt for skin fade on the sides arranged in a square form and long textured hair on the top. Looks fantastic!

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men

Do not overlook that a slicked-back hairstyle is not only a stylish but also a lifebuoy option for males and males with receding hairline. You can cover your bald region while sweeping your lengthy hair back and get fresh and young again. Thick hair guys also shouldn’t underestimate long sliced back hairstyles. Of course, girls think they’re really hot if you understand how to maintain it clean and clean.

Long spikes

This haircut is truly contemporary and fashionable. Shaved lines match perfectly with spikes that stick up! It’s an excellent choice for confident guys who don’t fear other people’s attention and who like to be in the spotlight!

Long Wavy Top and Shaved Temples

Men with wavy hair should pay attention to naturalness in their selection of hairstyle. Don’t make your hairstyle too complicated! The undercut on wavy hair is one of the most natural and appealing hairstyles! It will highlight your hair’s natural beauty!

Longer hairstyles for men with thick hair

Short and medium thick hair guys rarely ask questions such as “how to style thick hair” because they usually don’t have any issues with it. However, when it comes to longer hair, such issues occur more frequently. The thing is, longer hair is more likely to be frizzy— but don’t worry, this isn’t an issue that can’t be solved. Moisturize your hair, don’t forget the thicker hair goods (like a nice conditioner) and always let your hair air dry instead of blow-drying–this is one of the most popular reasons for frizziness for long-haired people. Basically, that’s all.

Why are we discussing it? Because we’ve collected the hairstyles here that will work great for all long-thick haired men, including those with that thick frizzy hair. Take a look at them!

‘Who wants to spend the hair styling a lot of time? Who is foolish enough to wake up in the mornings and make him look like a human being, not even talking about looking like a man? There are various black men hairstyles that require a lot of care, but here we have several low-maintenance haircuts that won’t bother you every day! Someone may say that for several months you may even forget your hairstyle… but this is not an option for a man who doesn’t want to look like a Pithecanthropus.

Low taper fade haircut

Despite the fact that taper fade haircuts are often referred to as the most masculine and powerful ones, we will begin this list with something more sophisticated than traditional taper fades. We’re talking about cutting down on the low taper fade.

Naturally, it’s all about tapering. Here, the fade doesn’t create a strong contrast between the hair on top and the sides, so it looks like we’ve just found the best hairstyle for those who want to try fades but aren’t prepared for the radical cuts yet. Elegant, soft, yet masculine and very clean— the small taper fades are good for all males and boys. Check the above pictures to see we tell the truth!

The “low taper” is not always synonymous with a “very elegant look,” however. You can always update it— you’ll look more aggressive if you add a hair fade (if that’s what you need). Here too, the beard is going to work fantastic. Well, with every taper fade cut, the light beard works great, that’s a fact.

Male Top Knot Hairstyles

If you think braids can’t look manly, look at the pictures above again. Amazing are male braided top knots! However, the short hair can not be braided. The long hair is difficult to achieve because waiting for long hair to grow is too long and exhausting. Top knot is simple to get and simple to braid, and even in its classic version it looks fantastic. So don’t worry about experimenting with your hairstyle, but do your tests wisely. A few top knots, braids, or shaved temples–these are the choices for hair styling that you can readily attempt.

Check out the above pictures right now if you’re ok with these two thoughts— the hairstyles we’ve discovered for you are ideal for lengthy hair. Well, not too long, of course— unfortunately, if you’re a man with waist-length hair, the false hawks aren’t for you.

Male Hairstyles with Swept Back Hair

No problem if you think that brush back is too boring, formal or mainstream, there is another excellent version of sliced back hairstyle for you. What about swept hair from the side? Many celebrities choose such hairstyles and wear them on the red carpet proudly, isn’t it evidence of their amazingness? The way you want to produce fresh stylish looks, you can style your hair. Of course, everything is feasible if you’re not bald.

Male Medium Blonde Hairstyles Try’

‘ Medium-length hair is really great for several reasons. First of all, it’s not as boring as short hair (forgive us to choose this specific adjective, but the reality is there are very few methods to style the short hair) and not as extravagant as lengthy locks (at least for males). It’s a sort of happy medium, a ideal compromise that leaves the imagination a lot. Have you a party today? Well, maybe the ideal option will be a cool, stylish bun? Do you want your company partners to be impressed? All you need to do is placed your blonde hair back on an elegant suit. Wouldn’t you like to do anything today but still look cool? Choose the high-quality beauty product (e.g. wax or spray) and make a messy hairstyle by making a few motions (this choice is particularly useful for curl boys). Make blonde hair of medium length has no disadvantages, only advantages!

‘ But agree, sleek, polished hairstyles with a side portion that looks a bit… boring on the red carpet. What about some chaotic hair and a haircut that’s textured?

We all like textured information, cos they contribute to every hairstyle motion and dynamics. Basically, it’s all about motion when it comes to messy hairstyles–so adding a side portion will only make those cuts better. Check out the above photos and see them with your own eyes–we’re sure you’re not going to be disappointed.

Male Mullet Fade Sides

Male Mullet Fade Sides

And there’s no exception to the Mullet. But one thing needs to be remembered: the longer your mullet is, the more time it will take to style it. That’s when the play enters fade sides and saves the situation.

Male Pattern Baldness Hairstyles

Bald at the top is another choice for males who understand what hair loosen. Such looks won’t deceive anyone, of course, and won’t conceal the fact that you’re balding, but at least you’re going to transform this issue into your distinctive style. In addition, some men know that beard and/or moustaches can readily catch all attention and take this chance to transform from bald to bold in a trice. Another manner to look good is to wear chaotic hairstyles. Of course, they don’t have to look like you’ve forgotten what hair brush actually is, they’re a bit careless, and that allows artistically chaotic hairstyle. If you don’t like any of these alternatives, you can always choose the shaved head above or a traditional Short Textured Side Part haircut or so-called boyish haircut that will make you look much older.

“What could be better than eye-catching, stylish and elegant hairstyle? Just a mixture of two ideal haircuts! Undercut has already become classics: in the streets, on the red carpets, on the runways, literally everywhere, we can see people wearing this hairstyle proudly, and that demonstrates that true elegant style is never out of fashion. Pompadour, always rocks in turn! No wonder that the combination of these two haircuts is chosen by many males who care about their look. Longer front hair, shorter back and side hair, ideal shape, all you need to shine every day!

“What do you choose? If choosing one of these incredibly amazing hairstyles is hard for you, take a look at the images in our collection. This can assist you make the correct choice. Any haircut should highlight your finest characteristics and express your distinctive character, so these factors should not be underestimated. This is a very common trend today if you want your whole look to be manly, add a beard or mustaches. Besides, it is not a bad idea to die your hair, particularly if you like experiments!

Man bun undercut hairstyles are very common among fashionable men. Such hair

But bear in mind that for everyone shaved temples are not appropriate. The owners of very thin and elongated faces in specific would rather prevent the haircuts of man bun fade. There are other reasons to choose a distinct hairstyle, such as powerful facial characteristics such as big ears, huge nose, chiseled cheekbones etc.

Marines High And Tight Haircut

Marines are only permitted to wear brief haircuts that are not eccentric and provocative. High and tight hairstyles are just the thing for you if you prefer simplicity and practicality. People always take care of your hair. This typical haircut of the military will capture your eyes and still make you look cool.

Choose high and tight haircuts if you play sports or lead an active lifestyle. Unlike masculine hairstyles with lengthy hair, it does not involve daily styling. In addition, at home you can readily do such a hairstyle on your own. Check out the best high and tight haircut photos of marines and choose which one you like the most!


Medium Fade Hair Cut Ideas with Side Part

Looking for a versatile, classic hair style that looks contemporary at the same moment? In this situation, the concept of haircuts with a side part and medium fade should definitely be considered. The best thing about it is that you can look like a 70s man or like a runway model–it all depends on the clothes you choose. This haircut is for you if you like to be distinct!

Medium layered haircuts for Asian men

One of the most fashionable components of the day is the elongated fringe. Such haircuts on medium to lengthy hair look fantastic. The layered hair with a lengthy fringe helps to produce the ideal oval shape of the face, and the range of

Beauty and style have always been the norm of symmetry. Such separation will somewhat alter the face shape to your benefit. Well, it’s the favourite way for everyone to do a hairstyle that will embellish a face!

Watching a haircut like that, you’ll look like a true gentleman. For company conferences as well as parties with friends, it is a ideal option. The classic suit will accentuate your style completely!

The lengthy quiff is bent forward and cut at an angle and the temples on both sides arefaded, which helps to maintain the whole look from becoming hairy. The quiff, however, is one of those haircuts that fits all Asian males perfectly.

Grey chaotic hair falling on the eyes and careless top of the head are ideal for both young and old people.

Medium-length men’s haircuts

Medium-length haircuts are now highly trendy. They are also ideal for males with dense hair. All these hairstyles are certainly on the trend from the quiffs to the undercuts–and we’re sure you’re going to look good with a longer top. Especially if you’re trying faded sides–it feels like the mixture of faded sides and the longer top was sent from Heaven here, because it’s ideal.

See the above photos? Choose and demonstrate it to your hairdresser. If you don’t want to copy any of these styles, inform your hairdresser as well (for example, if you like them but want to alter something). But first, demonstrate the image to him or her— because you know, a photo is worth a thousand words. Good luck!

Medium length Swept-Back Hair’

‘Medium length is great just because it provides a lot of great styling! For example, you can use some distinct strands to choose old school disconnected greaser hairstyle that fall down the face and break the classic sliced back hair-do picture. Faded haircut, which looks classy and stylish, is another cool choice. It takes some time in front of the mirror and a couple of styling movements with a blow-dryer, hairbrush, and pomade, despite its casual look.

Medium-length Wavy Hairstyle

Medium-length hair is a major benefit for males! They offer the owner the chance to dream and choose the right hairstyle! Look at this sweet style of hair. The elongated fringe on wavy hair offers unparalleled volume and looks incredible. The haircut and styling itself complete a contemporary and fashionable man’s picture!


Men Dreadlock Bun

And of course it’s here–the king of lengthy masculine hairstyles–a guy bun. But this time, as it’s finished from dreadlocks, it’s a bit different. The people dreadlock bun is perfect for those tired of continually interacting with floppy dreads: when it comes to styling chaotic updo dreadlocks, there are totally no rules–it’s up to you entirely. All you need is to build a bun or ponytail without worrying about how it appears.

Bind odd combinations on your head and go and capture the attention of people.

It’s just a line-up. Instead of a natural hairline, lines and correct angles sound exciting, right? A lineup can sharpen, edgier and fresher your haircut.

If you already have a beard, a lineup operates incredibly cool — but you should also realize that a haircut with a lineup requires a little more maintenance, unlike other taper fade cuts. Most probably you will have to visit your hairdresser quite often because, you know, hair does not grow in the lines. But the outcome is certainly worth it — take a look at the above images and see what we’re talking about!